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Purchase profile of the RdB Group
RdB Group has been active in the real estate market in Germany and the Netherlands for 30 years.
As an owner-managed company, we offer our customers fast and uncomplicated processing as well as competent advice.
We buy residential and commercial property in Germany and the Netherlands and work with our clients to find a suitable and satisfactory solution for each property.

We offer prices in line with the market, short decision-making processes and transparency in implementing contracts. We will even consider properties that are difficult to market at first sight.

Our head office is located in a modern office building in Essen. Both in Berlin and in Meppel in the Netherlands, staff are available on site to assist tenants with any questions or concerns.

Please see below for information about the locations and properties in Germany and the Netherlands that we prefer.
Sample properties from our real estate portfolio
Commercial unit in Detmold
7.963 m²
Commercial unit in Salzgitter
9.286 m²
Apartment block in Essen
8.769 m²
Residential block and commercial unit in Braunschweig
3.442 m²
Several apartment blocks in Magdeburg
10.278 m²
Several apartment blocks in Detmold
13.463 m²
Office building in Essen
1.900 m²
Apartment unit in Zwolle
331 m²
Office buildings in Meppel
1.100 m²
Commercial unit in Detmold
7.312 m²
Office buildings in Meppel
337 m²
Storage hall in Meppel
6.000 m²
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